My Testimony In JESUS CHRIST


Starting at the time I was probably about 16 years old I believe, I started looking for happiness in the world. I thought it could be found in a relationship with the right guy, in friendships, etc. You see, I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my father while he was alive. My mom and him divorced when I was 2. He was addicted to drugs, and my mom told him to choose drugs or us and he chose drugs. I didn’t know what love or happiness looked like. I used to think-not don’t anymore-that real Love could be found in the world. Well at 14 I was abused mentally, emotionally, verbally, and spiritually (he was extremely controlling too) for 2-3 years. I used to think that it was my fault, because GOD told me not to become friends with him, and I disobeyed GOD. But while not listening to GOD was my fault, the abuse was not. The abuse was the result of his own actions. I did not control him nor did I control his actions. I was rejected, and had my feelings and emotions played with, and also told no one would ever love me. I tried multiple times to let go of him in obedience to GOD before succeeding because of GOD and because GOD helped me break all ties. To him: I Forgive you for how you hurt me. I know that you hurt. But know that JESUS still LOVES You. I pray that CHRIST breaks through all those walls you have built up over the years, and HE brings you to true Salvation and LOVE in CHRIST. … Now for the last time that I was abused. The last time I was abused was when I was 20 years old. I was abused mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually harassed. It was bad, and I still have scars, but GOD saved me and brought me out. I was cheated on and even tried to commit suicide 2 times, but GOD saved me twice. … It is my prayer for y’all that CHRIST reveals the FATHER to y’all, that HE reveals HIS LOVE to you, HIS Grace, HIS Mercy, HIS Forgiveness, HIS LIGHT, and HIS Life to y’all. I pray that HE shows you that GOD is the only ONE who will ever Truly Satisfy your soul. No one and nothing else can do that, only the LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS LOVE. … FATHER GOD: I’m sorry for my selfishness. I realize that I am a sinner in need of GOD’S Grace. I am broken, and Only YOU LORD GOD, can heal me. YOU GOD and YOUR LOVE Alone will satisfy my soul, fill me up, and make me whole. No other relationship or Love can ever fulfill or satisfy me apart from CHRIST. I’m sorry for my selfishness, and I’m sorry for my pride. I’m sorry I hurt YOU. Come into my heart today and be LORD of my life, JESUS CHRIST, and forgive me for my sins. In the most mighty, powerful, sweet, most precious, and most HOLY name of JESUS CHRIST YOUR SON, THE KING OF kings and LORD OF lords name I pray. Amen … I Thank YOU ABBA FATHER for WHO YOU are and for YOUR LOVE! I Thank YOU my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST for SALVATION and ETERNAL LIFE in and through YOU! And I Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for YOUR Help and for the Power of GOD in YOU, for revealing the SON and the FATHER to me, and for making all things known to me! All Glory, Honor, Power, and Praise goes to THE LORD GOD and HIM alone. For none of this is my own doing, but HIS, because without the LORD GOD (GOD 3 in 1), I have Nothing, I can do Nothing, and I am Nothing. In JESUS’ name. Amen.


-Seeking JESUS First, Following HIM


5 thoughts on “My Testimony In JESUS CHRIST

  1. I did it to help others. I did it because the HOLY SPIRIT, FATHER GOD, and LORD JESUS told me to. I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to. It’s not in my ability to say no to the LORD GOD. Plus, GOD gave me this testimony for a reason. HE gave it to me in order that I may help others, and I want to help others, even if it means sharing the hurtful and messy parts of my life so they LORD JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT, AND FATHER GOD may reveal HIMSELF (LOVE), SALVATION, ETERNAL LIFE, Power, Freedom, Healing, and all things to them.

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      1. Please pray for us, and for us to never stop LOVING, following, and seeking GOD, HIS LOVE, HIS Kingdom, and HIS Righteousness before and above all else, and also for discernment and wisdom, HIS Peace, Protection, LOVE, Joy, and constant and continual Trusting HIM NO MATTER WHAT COMES my way, and Courage NO MATTER what comes my way, Humbleness and humility, HIS power and constant provision and promises, and CONSTANT AND CONTINUAL REMINDERS From HIM-reminders to me that I am HIS throughout the entire thing, reminders to me of HIS Inheritance for me and my life, and for Revival. … I’m talking to a friend about awakening through revival here. It’s time. I’m gonna trust the LORD and take a step out in Faith and trust and reliance on THE LORD on this one. This has gone on for far too long. It can’t go on any longer. GOD will fight for us. Overcome evil with good. LOVE GOD and Love HIS people. GOD has been giving me this verse for the longest time: Exodus 14:14 “I will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” I would appreciate your continual prayers, please, brother.


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